Program Opportunities

Program Opportunities

Academic Enrichment Endowments

Academic Enrichment Endowments provide perpetual funding through endowments to support and strengthen academic departments.

College of Education
Model Classroom

($100,000) – create a visionary model classroom for our teachers of the future to ensure that education students are trained on the technological tools available in the modern classroom.

Rankin College of Business

($200,000) – complete the $1 million endowment that provides perpetual revenue for scholarships, classroom enrichment, technology, and student travel opportunities.

Classroom and Laboratory Equipment and Technology Enhancements

($500,000) – provide resources for faculty to upgrade classroom technology and laboratory equipment.

Engineering Equipment
and Technology

($350,000) – supply state-of-the-art equipment for both students and faculty and provide the most advanced technology available.

Poultry Facility and Processing Laboratory

($1,300,000) – provide agriculture students with a hands-on training facility through a live production facility as well as a poultry processing facility.

Cybersecurity Equipment
and Software

($120,000) – furnish the necessary equipment and technology software required for this program.